The Idea

TIDES stands for “Theatre Interventions Develops Entrepreneur Skills” and was funded through the Erasmus+ program. The main objective of the TIDES project was to improve the employability of young artists and theatre professionals, and the quality of youth work through a sequence of three trainings. The trainings provide applicable skills and theatre tools for working together with young people, including those who are disadvantaged or marginalized.

The Activities

Three NGOs from HUNGARY, SARDEGNA and POLAND collaborated for 12 months to create exploratory trainings for young artists to make strengthen their profiles and make their activities interactive and inclusive. A group of 12 young artists trained together with three experienced participatory theatre professionals in three different settings: Budapest, Warsaw and Sardinia. As a result, paricipants organized and delivered their artistic workshop in their local context.

Trainers: Nikolett Gábri (PL), Emanuele Nargi (IT), Zsófia Jozifek (HU)


1. János Vítez in Salzburg

2. Power of Arts for All in Balassagyarmat

3. Merry Holidays - Christmas carols with homeless people

4. Inviting young professionals to learn about TIDES in Budapest

The three sessions took place between October and December, in conjunction with the SalzUng Association event, and two more with the help of the association in the halls of the Mozarteum University. The participants, children aged 8-13, are culturally disadvantaged, as children living in Hungary are exposed to the literature and history of their culture at school, whereas for them this is not possible. On the three occasions, workshops and theatre sessions were held for seven to nine primary school-age children. The aim was to bring Hungarian culture closer to children living abroad through drama and theatre education. Led by Ábel Kotormán, Hungarian TIDES participant.

Amand Várhegyi, Hungarian TIDES participant about his workshop for high school students in Balassagyarmat: “The experience reinforced my belief in the power of culture and the arts for personal development and individual creativity. I hope that this event serves as just the first step for the students into the exciting world of theatre and culture, and that the impact of this experience is long-lasting. Through our collaboration, I witnessed that the arts are not only entertaining but also valuable tools with wide-ranging benefits, even for the most challenging classes.”

To close and celebrate the TIDES project, we had a few art therapy sessions with homeless people in Budapest, also involving young musicians for a final event in December. Residents of ‘Utcafront’ were grateful to participate and sing Christmas carols and let themselves become uplifted for a moment.

Theatre Interventions Develop Entrepreneur Skills – This was the stance of the TIDES project. We invited young artists, performance art students, and teachers at the beginning of their careers to explore interactive Theatre and Drama tools, have fun, and boost their collaboration and creative skills.

Thanks to Keleti István Művészeti Iskola and Lehetőségek a Mai Magyartanításban for the friendly collaboration!

The Partners

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