KANSAN is a knowledge exchange project which will use workshops, online/offline activities and other initiatives to revitalize and connect the cultural heritage of local craftspeople of Fino-Ughric origin to contemporary European designers. By doing so and by creating intercultural opportunities, Kansan will develop and open the traditional handicrafts towards broader audiences and markets. The main aim of the project is to explore the artisan groups’ elements necessary for social and cultural sustainable development.


The Idea

KANSAN will create a consortium of partners including academic institutes, fashion and product designers and organisations representing artisans. The workshops will be conducted in the partner countries where partners will share their skills, expertise and practices. The workshops will focus on key challenges that the indigenous artisans face due to their diverse backgrounds through a needs analysis and finding solutions through practice.

Workshop outcomes will benefit individual craftsmen and craft-led designers within these ethnic groups, ultimately entire populations of these groups will gain from the enhanced and strengthened cultural heritage, thanks to new audiences developed and markets accessed as a result of the project. It will also bring the traditional skills and knowledge of artisans to the mainstream market through the designers.


In Development. If you are interested in working with us on this project, feel free to contact us!